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Why You Should Have a Virtual Event Instead of Canceling

In such unprecedented and unpredictable times, it’s h

ard to gauge whether or not you should cancel your in-person event. We all want to keep our attendees safe, but canceling is really necessary, when you can shift to a virtual event? Recently we’ve seen even the largest in-person events go digital and still maintain a respectable number of attendees.

Don’t believe us? Essence Fest and Microsoft’s Build developer conference both pivoted from in-person to digital events this year. If they can, so can you.

With the modern technology we have at our figure tips, it at least warrants a try.

Transiting to a virtual event lets your supporters know that you are committed to y

our them and delivering what you promised, even if circumstances have changed. It tells your audience that you don’t give up easily and that you are focused on solutions.