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Why You Should Have a Virtual Event Instead of Canceling

In such unprecedented and unpredictable times, it’s h

ard to gauge whether or not you should cancel your in-person event. We all want to keep our attendees safe, but canceling is really necessary, when you can shift to a virtual event? Recently we’ve seen even the largest in-person events go digital and still maintain a respectable number of attendees.

Don’t believe us? Essence Fest and Microsoft’s Build developer conference both pivoted from in-person to digital events this year. If they can, so can you.

With the modern technology we have at our figure tips, it at least warrants a try.

Transiting to a virtual event lets your supporters know that you are committed to y

our them and delivering what you promised, even if circumstances have changed. It tells your audience that you don’t give up easily and that you are focused on solutions.

Partner with Michigan Premier Events. Michigan Premier Events can host, manage and live stream your upcoming virtual meeting, conference and event. Michigan Premier Events offers high quality virtual event solutions.


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