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Meet the Chef Series: Chef Taiwo Adeleye, Owner of Tatse

Michigan Premier Events is featuring Chef's around Michigan!

Chefs in Michigan talk on their philosophies, methods and the passion behind their culinary talents. Each month Michigan Premier Events features some of Michigan's best chefs about their food, philosophy, inspiration and plans for the future. Meet Chef Taiwo Adeleye, an African Chef who is the owner of the only Nigerian restaurant and lounge in Lansing, Michigan. Chef Taiwo loves sharing his culture through food, dance, and community impacting events. Here how Chef Taiwo is creating more food diversity in Capital City of Michigan.

When did you decide to become a chef/get into the food industry?

I have always loved cooking for friends and family. However, I decided to become a chef

in 2020 when I realized the need for more food diversity in Downtown Lansing. This

motivated me to enhance my recipes and introduce them to the Lansing Community

while also attracting neighboring cities. Sharing African Culture and Nigerian Food has

continued to attract more people to the capital city since I opened my restaurant, Tatse,

in February of 2022.

How do you maintain your love of cooking after working long hours?

I maintain my love of cooking through the eyes of my customers, their reviews,

feedback, and support of the community.

How do you inspire creativity in your kitchen team?

Currently, I operate my kitchen solely. I inspire creativity in myself by looking for ways

to improve my recipes while taking calculated risks to share new flavors with my


What cuisine do you most enjoy cooking and why?

I enjoy cooking my stir-fried veggies most because it is a personally created recipe. I

created this recipe with the intention of finding a balance in health, flavor, and demand.

Tell me about your culinary education and training.

I received some of my cooking training from my grandmas in my early days. Both gave

me different training. One believed men should only be in the kitchen to prep and clean while the other made it compulsory for me to not only prep and clean, but also learn how to cook. Additionally, I worked as a prep cook at Lucky’s Steakhouse in Okemos and as a line cook at Panda Express. I received a Servsafe Food Manager Certificate in 2022 and recently earned a certificate in Better Process Control School.

What is your signature dish? What do people love about it?

Jollof Rice is my signature dish. This is a one pot rice meal, prepared with my specially crafted homemade tomato sauce. People love it because it is flavorful and the only restaurant providing this kind of rice in the area.

What is your process to create a new signature dish?

The process I use to create a new signature dish is infusing the flavors of my culture with

customer feedback and highest demand.

Name the three kitchen tools you can’t do without?

The three kitchen tools I can’t do without are quality knives, stock pots, and wooden

stirring rods.

What are your favorite foods to cook?

My favorite foods to cook are Egusi and Fufu, Jollof Rice, Yam Porridge, and goat meat.

How do you describe your overall cooking philosophy?

Offering healthy and flavorful food that represents my culture is at the core of my


To learn more about Chef Taiwo Adeleye and his restaurant Tatse, visit:


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