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Planning 2021 Company Hybrid Meetings and Events

By now within the event planning and meeting industry you’ve heard keywords flying around like “hybrid”, but what is a hybrid meeting and what does that mean for you. Eli Gorin defines hybrid meetings as, “A hybrid meeting is one which provides a global audience the opportunity to attend a meeting in-person or through a virtual connection, comprised of components that will provide a connected experience for all attendees, with the opportunity to bridge any and all gaps in interactivity throughout the meeting experience.”

A hybrid meeting essentially takes groups of people meeting face to face where they get to interact with each other to meet with other people digitally.

Benefits of Hybrid Meetings

  • Reaching more participants and extending the reach of your message

  • Allowing virtual delegates to participate alone or in small groups

  • Connecting multiple events that occur concurrently or at different times or locations

  • Including people who could not otherwise attend (busy executives, global attendees)

Creating a successful hybrid event requires planning and brainstorming. The most important questions you'll need to be able to answer is, What are you hoping your attendees will get out of this event?, is this an internal or an external event?, and do you have all the tools and resources you need to execute? Answering these few questions, will help you as you begin to build out a successful hybrid event program.

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