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An Easy Guide to Planning A Charity Event

Does your Non-profit need practical event planning tips? We want to make sure your next charity event is a success. With Charity events mainly profiting from sponsorships, donations and ticket sales, you want to make sure each dollar is spent wisely. Here are some guidelines when it comes to planning a charity.

1) Set a Budget: Consider going for single plate meals instead of a buffet and/or light refreshments. When it comes to entertainment, looking for a local artist that’s willing to volunteer their time could be helpful -maybe even in exchange for marketing.

2) Select a Theme: Themes make way for a super fun night that allows all attendees to feel connected. If you need some ideas you may consider doing a raffle, auction, dinner dance or carnival that kids will also enjoy.

3) Choose a Venue: Find a venue that makes sense for your theme but that also doesn’t break the bank. You want to make sure your venue holds enough space for your guests but also extra equipment and games if necessary.

4) Promote on Social Media: Social Media is one of the most cost effective ways to get the word out about your event. In the weeks leading up, create an event hashtag for people to follow. Post updates and encourage donations online.

5) Promote After the Event: You want to stay in touch with your attendees even after your event. Keep them updated with how much you brought in and how the funds will be disbursed. People love to feel like they’ve made a difference. If you have the dates for your next event, this is also a great time to promote that.

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