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Michigan Premier Events

Michigan Premier Events specializes in a variety of services ranging from budget planning, vendor negotiation, event coordination, event design and production logistics to security and entertainment. Michigan Premier Events, recently known as Ashlee Willis Floral Decor LLC is helping events all of over Michigan look classy, elegant, sophisticated with services for any occasion.To us every detail matters and we understand that every element is crucial.

Michigan Premier Events wants to make sure our clients are fully satisfied throughout the entire planning and execution process. We communicate frequently with our customers to make that happen. Michigan Premier events creates successful events that are memorable experience for our clients and there guest.

Michigan Premier Events works with private, non- profit and corporate clients. We plane a wide array of events and have partnered with our clients to create Fundraisers, holiday celebrations, annual gala, strategic off-site meetings and team building seminars. Michigan Premier Events has also worked with specialty themed events, custom events such as birthday celebrations, reunions etc.

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