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Nyaka’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Nyaka is an incredible organization (with offices in East Lansing and Uganda) that has paired over 80,000 at-risk Ugandan children with more than 20,000 grandmothers worldwide. These grandmothers help provide these vulnerable children access to their basic human rights, love, and care. Through Nyaka’s support, these children now have access to homes, food, schools, and other fundamental needs. But beyond that, they have more love and support than ever before.

Michigan Premier Events had the great privilege of helping host their virtual 20th Anniversary celebration “in Uganda, for Uganda”. This event connected their donors and supporters (for the first time ever) from all over the world to celebrate all of the important work that has been accomplished. Michigan Premier Events had the pleasure of putting together the one hour and thirty-minute event. Michigan Premier Events put together the event / platform, video production and organizing key stake holders for the 20th celebration.

About Nyaka

Nyaka provides community-based solutions to address the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural southwestern Uganda. We surround each child with a comprehensive support system. This is comprised of interrelated programs developed and led by our community, where children are nurtured and protected so they can learn, grow, and thrive.


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