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How to use Corporate Events to Improve Team-Building Efforts

More and more companies are beginning to understand the necessity of having events centered around team-building efforts. It’s hard to put a group of people together and

expect them to have the natural chemistry and ability to work together harmoniously. Company team building events are centered around building team morale. Although

each employee’s role is important and probably overall essential to the proper function and success of your company, developing good people skills to help employees go beyond their duties is just as essential. Team building activities overall can help your employees learn to work with each other and improve productivity.

Ideas to make your team building event successful:

  • Use Games to Combine Team Bonding with Team Building

  • Group challenges

  • Escape rooms

  • Have a field day

  • Surprise them with a treat

  • Host company or teams potlucks

  • Get off company property

  • Host an happy hour

Should you wait to host these types of events when it’s safe for groups to meet again? No, despite the decreased ability to safely meet in person right now, you can start team-building right now. In fact, team building may be more important now than before.

There are a number of virtual team building activities you can host to boost team morale. While employees are working remotely, the physical distance can turn into isolation.

Virtual Team Building Activities:

  • Personal facts guessing game

  • Show and tell

  • Two truths and a lie

  • Virtual book club

  • Host an happy hour

  • Baby photos

  • Photography competition

  • Host a Netflix Party

  • Online games


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