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Building Business Partnerships through Corporate Golf Events

If you are a business owner and you have been searching for the best team building activity, look no further than a golf day. Golf is the perfect sport in terms of socializing and getting people to work together in a fun environment.

There may be a significant number of people in your team who have never played golf before or who have little interest in golf. This is perhaps the major reason why some people have not considered a team building golf day. However, the people in a team always have a different range of skills and not everyone is going to be a great salesman or accountant. The same applies on the golf course and even people who have no experience of playing golf will have a major input throughout the day.

You may have one person who plays golf regularly and another who has never played any sport before in their life, but is a great strategist. As a team, they could be hugely successful on the golf course, especially when playing specific types of games and working out what shots to play. Each individual will have something to offer and not it is not all about winning. The aim of the day is to generate strong team working relationships and to have plenty of fun in the process. You will find people who do not usually mix at work may have a great rapport on the golf course and complement each other nicely. This can then be transferred to the workplace.

Not only is a golf day great for building successful teams, but it is also the perfect way to entertain a client and seal the deal. Have a chat with a potential client and discover their interests. If they show an interest in sport, or golf in particular, you know they are going to enjoy playing a round of golf. This is a better way to get to know a potential client than sitting around a table in the meeting room. The combination of a competitive sport plus the enjoyment of being outside, soaking in the natural environment, is the perfect recipe for signing a deal with a new client.

However, golf days are not only about team building and business partnerships, but they are also great as charity events. It is possible to raise a huge amount of money when organizing a golf day. The initial funds can be raised by charging a fee to enter the tournament and some of the funds can be used to offer a prize to the winner. Throughout the day, you can add additional competitions to the mix, such as a hole in one tournament on a par-3 hole. You can charge a small entry fee for the hole in one event and add to the funds being raised for the charity. The fact is people are more likely to give to charity if they can have fun plus the possibility of winning some money of their own or even a trophy.

Golf corporate outings are the perfect way to build relationships, create new, long lasting partnerships and raise money for good causes in an entertaining, healthy outdoor environment.

Contact Michigan Premier Events for more information on how we can manage your golf outing.


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