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Michigan Premier Events | Women in the Spotlight Featuring Cassandra Jones

In March at Michigan Premier Events, women are in the spotlight. Indeed, celebrations such as Women’s International Day and Women’s History Month represent a fantastic opportunity for our organization to reaffirm their commitment to gender equality. Part of our diversity, Equity, inclusion & belonging culture at Michigan Premier Events is to shine a light upon women driving growth and innovation for our company and our clients. Cassandra Jones, Project Manager is one of these key figures making a difference. In this article, she tells us more about the women who inspire her and what women’s history month means to her.

Cassandra Jones, Project Manager

What does women’s history month mean to you?

I’m proud to continuously learn about the strong and resilient women of my generation and the generations of women before me. This month is an opportunity for me to acknowledge and pay homage to the great leaders, activists and pioneers whose shoulders I stand on today.

Who are some of your inspiring and motivating women leaders and why?

Since I learned about Justice Ketanji Jackson, her strength and resilience has never ceased to amaze me. Her willingness to endure different forms of aggressions during her journey to becoming the first female Black supreme court justice is admirable. Of course, her poise and composure cannot be overlooked as women are so often seen as emotional and/or irrational.

What motivated you to keep going and achieve your goals regardless of gender bias?

Observing strong women around me and on social media. While social media has its negatives, it has allowed me to see strong women from around the world and from every walk of life. Learning what these women have overcome gives me the courage to keep going forward even when I’m uncomfortable and unsure. Because if they can do it, so can I.

What is something you’d like the next generation of children to know?

Be unapologetically YOU! You will find your team and group of people that accept all parts of you including your skin and hair.

What should leaders do to empower the next generation of women


Listen. Now more than ever there is a microphone in the hand of every marginalized group that is loud and clear. Younger generations of women are being clear about their needs and desires as they grow older. Listening to understand will give leaders the perfect opportunity to empower the next generation of women leaders.

Visit Michigan Premier Events for more Women in the spotlight for Women's History Month.


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