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Planning Your Next Leadership Retreat For Your Team?

Getting your team out of the office is beneficial. While team retreats are beneficial, you want to make sure you are maximizing the experience for everyone.

Here are five tips to incorporate when planning a leadership retreat

What’s the goal?

Before you start planning the details of the retreat make sure you have well defined goals and objectives. This is a great time to connect with your team to see what they are looking for out of the experience and what their goals are.

Find the right place: Retreats are effective because they get your team out of their standard day-to-day routines and opens them up to new ideas. Picking the right environment for your retreat will greatly impact this. What psychological space do you want to create? Do you want comfortable and relaxing or high energy and creative?

Come prepared: Having your team prep before your retreat is key. Make sure that all of their work is done beforehand in order for them to be presently engaged.

Managing your team while on retreat: If your team comes ready to contribute rather than solely being an observer, your retreat should run smoothly. You can ensure this by establishing roles and responsibilities for your team before hand. You want to keep everyone engaged by having a good agenda and staying on topic.

Actionable items: A successful retreat would be leaving with new ideas and action items. There should be a goal at the end of each session to have responsibilities delegated with deadlines attached. Creating a visual method to communicate the progress being made will also help everyone stay on the same page


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